Important Information for Chevron Users


Chevron no longer has a global license to access IHRDC’s Oil and Gas e-Learning courses, but has recommended that you go to IHRDC’s site where learners have access to almost 1,000 online professional and petro-technical training courses in over 300 subject areas. With a built-in web-based learning management system (LMS), learners can easily:

  • Identify and purchase courses that meet their training needs;
  • Track and monitor course performance, assessments, certificates, test-scores, and reports; and,
  • Instantly assign courses to employees while providing a cost-effective, scalable solution to deliver e-Learning

For questions regarding potential Chevron licensing options, please contact Rick Bredlau at for further explanation and inquiries.



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IPIMS is the award-winning, interactive multimedia and leading e-Learning system for building competencies in Upstream Petroleum Technology.

IPIMS includes over 1089 courses in 135 E&P topic areas and provides a comprehensive and flexible learning system that can be tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

The courses are designed around two levels of learning: Background Learning and Action Learning. Each level includes extensive content, award-winning video, and challenging interactions and self-assessment questions.

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