Important Information for Chevron Users


All IPIMS users should access IPIMS e-learning courses through Chevron’s Learning Management System: This will ensure that all employee training completion records are correctly accounted for in Chevron’s LMS. This also helps Chevron track usage of e-learning courses and compile accurate metrics to better manage learning programs.

You can also access IPIMS courses and enter directly into Chevron’s LMS using the following online catalog link:

All IPIMS technology references are also available on Chevron’s Technical Knowledge On Demand site:

If you have questions on this, please contact IHRDC’s IPIMS Help Desk at:



Welcome to IPIMS!

IPIMS is the award-winning, interactive multimedia and leading e-Learning system for building competencies in Upstream Petroleum Technology.

IPIMS includes over 1052 courses in 158 E&P topic areas and provides a comprehensive and flexible learning system that can be tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

The courses are designed around two levels of learning: Background Learning and Action Learning. Each level includes extensive content, award-winning video, and challenging interactions and self-assessment questions.

Use the options below to search or browse the complete IPIMS Course Catalog. You can also download IHRDC’s detailed 390+ page e-Learning Course Catalog PDF file.