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Subsurface Facies Analysis

Course ID: t48

Reviews basic parameters in defining a facies--lithology, sedimentary structures, paleontology, geometry and associated environments. Discusses information sources, including cores, cuttings, well logs and seismic, and summarizes diagnostic features of major facies. Presents case studies on environmental diagnosis of productive sandstone and carbonate reservoirs.

Total Number of Subtopics: 8

  • Sedimentary Environments and Facies
  • Lithology
  • Sedimentary Structures, Geometry and Facies
  • Microfossils as Paleoenviromental Indicators
  • Sources of Information
  • Sandstone Reservoir Facies
  • Carbonate Reservoir Facies
  • Subsurface Facies Analysis: References and Additional Information
Estimated Time: 2 hours 40 minutes on a full time basis