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Course ID: t36653

Introduces the concept of the convolutional model and describes the use of deconvolution in removing coherent noise and minimizing the effect of the wavelet on the final stack. Defines deconvolution parameters. Examines single-trace, deterministic and multi-trace deconvolution methods, along with alternative methods such as maximum likelihood, minimum entropy and L1-norm deconvolution. Addresses practical considerations in applying deconvolution methods and provides a suggested processing scheme.

Total Number of Subtopics: 8

  • Conceptual Introduction to Seismic Deconvolution
  • Basic Concepts
  • Single-Trace Statistical Deconvolution
  • Deterministic Methods
  • Multi-Trace Deconvolution
  • Alternative Methods of Deconvolution
  • Practical Considerations in Deconvolution
  • Deconvolution: References and Additional Information
Estimated Time: 2 hours 40 minutes on a full time basis