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Types of Analytical Equipment

SubTopic: s37028
  • Field Free Space
  • Cryogenic Magnetometer
  • Spinner magnetometer
  • Laboratory Techniques
  • Alternating Field Demagnetization Equipment
  • Thermal Demagnetization
  • Thermal Demagnetization Furnaces
  • Chemical Demagnetization
  • Determining the Demagnetization Techniques to be Used on a Suite of Samples
  • Graphical Techniques for Displaying Results
  • Identification of the Primary and Secondary Components of Remanence
  • Precision of the Data
  • Field Tests for Accuracy of the Paleomagnetic Data
  • Developing a Local Paleomagnetic Polarity Reversal Scale
  • Tectonic Interpretation of Basin Subsidence History
  • Downhole techniques
  • Applications in the Petroleum Industry
  • References Cited